In 2019, Sinergia Animal published four undercover investigations in Latin American countries, which reached over 5 million people.

The first of these was in Argentina, where actor and musician Nicolás Pauls narrated the video of our investigation with images of national egg farms. On our social media (Facebook and Instagram), we got over 300,000 views, and media coverage was vast, totaling in 22 publications, including two TV stations — Cronica TV and America TV (Argentina’s third-largest station).

The work was also reported by ‘La Nación’, the second-largest newspaper in the country.

To raise consumer awareness in Chile, Argentina, and Colombia on ‘World Plant-Based Milk Day’, we launched investigations that revealed the sad and cruel reality of calves in the dairy industry. The videos on our social networks reached 937,000 people.
We exposed newborn animals being separated from their mothers just hours after birth. After that, they are kept tied to short ropes in open fields for up to four months, with no social contact or protection from the cold and heat. The practice would be considered illegal in the European Union. Individual cages are also used, and evidence that males are malnourished has been reported.  
In Chile, our images were published by ‘El Cuidadano’, one of the largest news portals, and were viewed by over four million people, plus ten publications on other media outlets. In Argentina, the investigation was covered by five different media outlets, including ‘Infobae’, the country’s largest online news portal.

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